Answering the Call of Your Heart

You are Spirit!

Before birth, we are Spirit. After death, we are Spirit. But in the life in between we forget that we are Spirit. This forgetting leads to dis-ease in many forms including mental illness, emotional distress and lack of physical health. We develop narrow views of reality where what is seen and felt by the five senses along with reasoning and logic become the primary means by which we navigate through our lives. The unseen forces of spirit and our intuitive wisdom is not accessed and utilized to support us on our life’s journey.

When we are aligned with our Spirit, there is a feeling of rightness, of being on track and of a divine plan unfolding. Our Inner Guidance is our greatest asset for experiencing a life of inner peace and happiness. It takes care of all facets of our lives giving us direction on everything from nutrition to relationships to parenting to finances to our next steps in life.

When you answer the call of your heart to remember your true identity as Spirit, everything you need is given to you. Every questions is answered, every grievance is healed and every tool you need to awaken shows up in perfect time. It is an amazing spiritual adventure when we ask the unseen to show up and make itself known. Our Loving Self takes the lead and we are left beaming bright and living in peace.