A Year of Devotion and Miracles

I Want the Peace of God

“I want the peace of God. To say these words is nothing. But to mean these words is everything.”
(ACIM WB 185)

When above all else, you want the peace of God, you are ready for an immersion into the teachings of “A Course in Miracles.” The Modern Miracles Minister Training Program has been designed as an incredible opportunity for ACIM students to make a definite shift from studying the teachings to living “A Course in Miracles.”

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Intuitive Parenting

Parenting with Spirit

School is starting up again for the kids in a few days…. so today I’m extra aware of the beautiful summer breeze and the freedom of the kid’s playing imaginative games in the backyard. I’m also aware of the organization and preparations required to start back into our school routine. Soon I’ll be sorting through the kid’s clothes, pulling out their new backpacks, re-washing last year’s lunch kits and checking our inventory of outdoor gear we have remaining from last year.

As a single mom of four kids ages seven, nine, twelve and fourteen I can easily feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and complexity of parenting. My spiritual path is an essential and instrumental part of my life as a parent. I have developed faith and trust in my Inner Guide to support and direct me in raising my kids. That means that my parenting style is totally intuitive.

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Life is a Classroom

“All things are lessons God would have me learn.”

Our life is a classroom. The unfolding script of our life is a perfect backdrop for practicing forgiveness. “A Course in Miracles” teaches that “all things are lessons God would have me learn.” Our relationships and life circumstances present an opportunity for us to clear the blocks to true happiness.

Healing requires our willingness and focus. We must develop self-awareness and learn to check in.

How am I feeling in this moment? What thoughts am I thinking? 

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Answering the Call of Your Heart

You are Spirit!

Before birth, we are Spirit. After death, we are Spirit. But in the life in between we forget that we are Spirit. This forgetting leads to dis-ease in many forms including mental illness, emotional distress and lack of physical health. We develop narrow views of reality where what is seen and felt by the five senses along with reasoning and logic become the primary means by which we navigate through our lives. The unseen forces of spirit and our intuitive wisdom is not accessed and utilized to support us on our life’s journey.

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When the Stars Align

Discovering My True Voice

I bought a picture years ago from a local artist. On a dark blue background was a sketch of a woman’s head facing to the sky. Her mouth was open and sparkling stars were pouring outward and upward. I was in denial back then, I didn’t realize I had lost my voice. I quickly decided that the picture was for a friend and gave it away. Continue reading “When the Stars Align”

Pain Can Ignite the Search for Peace

My spiritual path has been both painful and miraculous. Without the pain, I would still be trudging through my daily routine, trying to control my external world, and depending on myself for everything. In the midst of depression and inner turmoil I began to call out with questions about why I was here on this earth and why there was so much devastation on this planet. I was both shocked and perplexed when I felt a presence answering back.   Continue reading “Pain Can Ignite the Search for Peace”

Open Doors, Closed Doors and the Sound of Silence

Learning to Follow Inner Guidance

The spiritual journey requires that we connect and develop our intuition. Everyone is intuitive! But many people disregard their intuitive abilities because they do not understand the importance intuition plays in their lives. We are conditioned to trust in our sensory abilities which limits us to emphasizing the importance of the external world. What we see, hear, touch, taste and smell is supposed to be concrete evidence for truth. The spiritual journey draws us inward to explore the inner landscapes of our minds where we access our emotions, visions, dreams, knowings and creativity.

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“Love Makes No Comparisons”

“Comparison is the Death of Joy”

“The ego literally lives by comparisons.” (ACIM T4.II.7:1) Our self image comes from the ego, a thought system based solely on fear. From our birth…. we have been labeled, boxed, and packaged to form a self-concept. I am a girl, my name is Lisa, I am the youngest in my family, I am smart, I am not very pretty, I am not good at sports…. The self-concept is formed through comparisons to others: siblings, classmates, teammates, friends, family, co-workers…. When we are compared to people and circumstances that seem inferior, our self-concept inflates and we feel temporarily confident and secure. But very quickly our self-esteem plummets and our sense of worth is questioned when we look to others who seem to stand as more superior and successful. We have come to rely on comparisons in order to understand who we are and how we measure up.

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You are Never Upset for the Reason you Think

“Discovering the Power of your Mind”

Your mind is so incredibly powerful! From a single desire in your mind, an entire world of perception becomes your reality. Healing and happiness is reliant on your willingness to reclaim the power of your mind to choose what you truly DESIRE.

There are only two desires in the mind. Each desire represents an entire thought system that never overlaps or meets with the other. Therefore, you are always experiencing one or the other. You are always choosing between Love and fear!

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