Can You See What I See?

Discovering the Gifts of Christmas!

The Christmas season provides a one-derful opportunity to deepen your spiritual connection with your Inner Teacher. The signs and symbols of the holidays are communicating divine messages to help you heal, forgive, feel peace and experience happiness. Here are some common symbols that can inspire you to enjoy the Christmas season:

Christmas Carols: Tune into the lyrics of your favourite Christmas carols. The ones that resonate in your heart are carrying meaning that is important for your healing.
I love “Silent Night” and singing the first couple of lines
“Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright…” has a calming effect on my mind and brings me back to the remembrance of my Inner Teacher. What Christmas carol resonates for you?

Christmas Lights: During the holiday season our cities and homes are lit up with beautiful displays of bright shining lights. See the shining lights! Let them lighten and brighten your day and remind you of the eternal inner light shining in you!

Gifts: You spend time wrapping and decorating gifts for family and friends. Let a beautifully wrapped gift remind you of the gifts of God. He offers you inner peace, kindness, strength, joy and harmony. His gifts are in your mind just waiting to be unwrapped!

Star: The Christmas star is a beautiful reminder of the light within that Guides you Home. Let the star remind you to follow your heart all through the holidays.

Christmas Tree: A Christmas tree brings people together to connect. The star at the top lights your way Home. The beautiful lights brighten your day. The decorations are hung with care to symbolize the fun and joy of the season. The gifts lay under the tree to remind you of the amazing gifts God has for you.

This year when you are singing “Joy to the World,” use the moment to actually send a blessing of joy to the world. This year when you are Christmas shopping make eye contact, smile and connect with the shoppers and store clerks that pass you by. This year, slow down in the midst of all the busyness to enjoy and notice all the signs and symbols of the holidays. You will see so much more and appreciate the divine messages that are all around you.