Intuitive Parenting

Parenting with Spirit

School is starting up again for the kids in a few days…. so today I’m extra aware of the beautiful summer breeze and the freedom of the kid’s playing imaginative games in the backyard. I’m also aware of the organization and preparations required to start back into our school routine. Soon I’ll be sorting through the kid’s clothes, pulling out their new backpacks, re-washing last year’s lunch kits and checking our inventory of outdoor gear we have remaining from last year.

As a single mom of four kids ages seven, nine, twelve and fourteen I can easily feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and complexity of parenting. My spiritual path is an essential and instrumental part of my life as a parent. I have developed faith and trust in my Inner Guide to support and direct me in raising my kids. That means that my parenting style is totally intuitive.

But believe me, it didn’t start out that way! When my first child was born he cried all of the time unless he was asleep or nursing. I was determined to “fix” the problem! I read many books on parenting, I went to baby massage, baby chiropractic sessions, changed my diet, and tried every soothing apparatus I could find that promised a calming effect. Nothing worked!

And then, when he was two months old, I fell down some stairs and broke a bone in my foot. For 6 weeks I was on crutches. I couldn’t hold my baby and walk at the same time! I was upset, annoyed, and feeling sorry for myself. I required around the clock help and continued to struggle with a very unhappy baby.

During this time, I had also put my spirituality aside. I was so interested in my new parenting role that I lost site of everything else. It took me four weeks on the couch before I finally hit a place of surrender and asked my Wise Self why I had broken my foot! What was this trying to teach me?

The message came through my mind with total clarity. Here is what I heard: You are not meant to be a super Mom. The last few months you have been totally disconnected and running forward at high speeds. You needed to pause, slow down and listen inward. You will not know how to raise your child by reading parenting books. The only way you can raise your child is to be Intuitive.

With this clarity, I was able to embrace my broken foot and start to use the experience to restore my faith and inner connection. I gave away the parenting books and partnered with my Inner Teacher as my Guide in parenting.

I am learning so much about spirituality through the practice of intuitive parenting. There are a tremendous amount of beliefs we hold about the “rights” and “wrongs” of raising kids. Here is one example of the power of intuitive parenting.

My oldest son is passionate about playing video games. In the world, there is a lot of judgment, fear and negativity around kids playing too many video games and being on screens too much. So I have struggled to be clear about the “rights” and “wrongs” of this for my son.

Overtime, I have let go of a lot of fear and judgement and become more and more trusting of my intuitive directions around this issue. I no longer have set “rules” about screen time but I am very honest with the kids when I get an inner prompt that they have to put away their devices.

I have loosened a lot from fear and have received many new perspectives and gifts from a more expansive way of seeing. My oldest son has many online friends, some from school and others from around the globe. I’ll witness to him laughing, joking, and chatting with friends. The games are being used for connection and collaboration as many are team games where my son develops leadership skills, teaches others and follows directions as well. He is in high school now and is moving in the direction of technology and computers as his area of interest for career choices. When I tune in with my heart, he feels on track and on path. I am grateful for the support of my Inner Teacher to undo fear and open to the varying paths of my children who all hold different passions and interests.

So leading into this school year, whether it is an extra curricular activity they need to sign up for or a friendship they need to foster or extra support they need in an area, I am trusting and in faith that I have the inner support I need to play my part as their Mom. I rest into trust and step into my part with a full “YES.”


When we let go of control we experience inspiration and flow. Here is a simple process to start practicing intuitive parenting.

1. Let go of control. Take a deep breath and admit that you do not know what is best in this situation.

2. Ask for help from your Inner Teacher. Say in your mind: I am Calling on my Inner Guide for help with my parenting. I am unclear about (name the specific situation) involving (specific person). I let go of being right and in control so I can receive the Highest Answer for everyone.

3. Trust that you will receive a clear answer. Follow the Guidance you receive.

As you open to intuitive parenting you will experience many miracles!