Group Coaching ~ Circle of Support

A monthly membership to a Modern Miracles Coaching Group is a gift of healing and spiritual growth for participants. The group coaching experience allows opportunities for greater expansion while providing encouragement and support to move through blocks and challenges. It strengthens communication skills including developing compassionate listening and being courageous to share honestly for healing and forgiveness. 

There are many benefits to joining in a group including a speed up to our healing through witnessing to the healing of others. What an individual shares is a gift to everyone as we learn we are not alone in experiencing both the obstacles and miracles of life’s journey. Spiritual development takes place through a deepening trust in following Inner Guidance and the willingness to practice true forgiveness. The principles of “A Course in Miracles” continue to be the foundational teachings of Modern Miracles processes as many universal truths are transmitted from idea to experience.


Please join Lisa Windsor for a free 30 minute Discovery Session to learn more about Group Coaching and the support Modern Miracles has to offer.

For Group Coaching choose between:
Mondays: 12pm-1pm (PST)- Starts January 22, 2018
Thursdays: 9:30am-10:30am (PST)- Starts January 25, 2018
Weekly Group Coaching Sessions take place on an online Zoom meeting space. Sign up now!
Monthly Rate: $140